Been awhile since I updated my website, with all the social media platforms going on this site gets neglected. My collaboration with Tranquil ended in an 6 song album, that hopefully will see the light of day this year. It contains two collaboration tracks, 2 remixes and 2 original tracks from each of us, really happy how this turned out.
There are some other collaborations in the works, ambient and more drum´n bass of course, more about this later. I´m working on finishing around 4-6 tracks that I intend to send to some labels that have shown interest in my music, but the work is going slow because of work and everyday stuff, family etc.
Last summer I upgraded my soundcard from a old M-audio FW1814 to a RME Fireface UFX and finally was able to upgrade to windows 10 from 7 before Microsoft stopped supporting it.
My setup is still heavily based on my Elektron boxes, Rytm mk1, Digitakt and Digitone. Been using my electric guitar more and more as a soundscape machine running it thru a looper and reverbs and delays in my Mooer Ocean Machine pedal, it works really well both for the ambient stuff and as background elements in my drum´n bass stuff.

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